Over the month of August I am going to discuss the top 3 productivity killing habits that most of us have, and a few tips for how to crush those habits and get ourselves refocused!

#1 - Wanting to Be Wanted

It is a part of human nature to need to be needed.  We crave to have validation and acceptance from the people that we care about, admire, look up to, and have repeated contact with.  The social media culture that we live in creates an environment where every email, text, tweet, and "like" gives us a shot of dopamine. This creates the perfect storm for feeling the need to receive those types of validation in our lives.

The reality is, is that if everyone around you is happy with you, you probably aren't doing your greatest work.  Our nature is to strive and compete in a healthy manner to push ourselves towards the best possible work we can achieve. 

Don't worry about the critics, and stop worrying about pleasing everyone around you. The less we worry, the better our work actual gets performed!  Staying positive and accepting constructive input can the potential of rewiring your thought process to help you become more independent and produce more quality work.