Our second performance wrecking havoc on our own unique individual potentials is:

Novelty - Also know as the "What am I missing?" syndrome:

We all love to belong to a larger picture outside of ourselves.  This is a natural instinct in many animals, to be part of the herd.  The trap that we often tend to get caught in once again revolves around the easy and nearly instant access to social media content. 

Constantly checking news feeds, social media feeds, tweets, emails, and other social networking interests take up our time.  They create a fear of missing out on something larger than ourselves, a moment that we might loose.  However, it is this thought process that actually causes us to miss those same moments! 

Help block this type of over stimulation by setting timers, limits, and restrictions on your devices.  Once you break past the habit, you will find yourself more free to enjoy the moments in front of you.  You will also find that you are able to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time on the task in front of you without being so easily distracted!