As each of us moves forward towards that goal of becoming the most desirable person we can be, craving to have a significant meaning in the work that we do, we each have to be careful not to find ourselves being busy...being busy.  As silly as what this may sound, many of us spend much more of our time than what we'd like to admit spinning our wheels!

While the rush of feeling productive and validated is wonderful, we must be sure that our priorities are lined up with our goals.  Many of us have been conditioned from a young age to do what is fun and easy rather than do what is hard and necessary. 

Many of our distractions like email, new alerts, and instant messages, phone calls, entertaining visitors, create a false sense of accomplishing tasks.  Although we are accomplishing them, they are not the priority tasks in which we should be focusing on to successfully complete our tasks.

Don't make the mistake of rushing for results. Take yourself from reacting to creating by acknowledging your unhealthy habits and taking measures to turn them into healthy habits!