Memorial Day is a day reserved for honoring those brave men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, whether they are currently serving, have served in the past or died in service.  So instead of simply having Memorial Day, we typically celebrate Memorial Day weekend, which, if we’re lucky, usually coincides with some warmer, summery weather. Unsure of what to do to celebrate? Here are some ideas that we wouldn’t mind trying out ourselves!

Take a Last Minute Trip

Feeling spontaneous? Why not just pack up and head out for the long weekend? It turns out that it’s actually a great weekend to snag a last minute deal. You don't have to go far to have fun! There are many great day trips within the reach of Southwestern Michigan.

Have a Barbecue

Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to fire up that grill and invite your friends and/or family over for a good, old-fashioned cookout. Invite your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers.  Ask everyone to pitch in and bring a dish to pass to help lighten the load and so that everyone (including you) gets a chance to enjoy the company of your guests!

Go on a Picnic

What’s lovelier than a nice picnic on a beautiful day? Whether you head down to the beach, to a local park, or to your own backyard, getting outside for a meal can not only be a nice way to dine – it can be a wonderful way to fill an entire afternoon.

Enjoy Your Backyard

There are other ways to enjoy your backyard when it’s beautiful out besides having a barbecue or picnic. Here are some outdoor ideas that might be perfect for filling up your long weekend. Planting a garden, getting the pool ready for the summer season, or completing that patio project you have been thinking about are all great ideas to enjoy in your backyard!