Why The Pictures?

You already know that a listing with pictures attracts a lot more attention than one without. Many buyers are surfing the internet every chance they get and that first impression of online photos could make or break the sale of your house!

First things First

One of the most common mistakes we notice when we look at pictures of a house for sale is poor picture quality. Your Realtor has much experience taking photos of houses, and many of them will even offer to have a professional take the photos for you at little to no cost options.



Picture What Counts

Keep in mind that people want to see the home that is being advertised, NOT what is in it. The house should be free of clutter and reasonably clean. Allow the person who’s seeing the pictures to imagine his things in the home instead of seeing too much of someone else’s.

Brighter Is Better

Any professional photographer will tell you that nothing is better than natural sunlight. Try to schedule picture-taking day on a sunny day if possible, and be sure to open curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible.