Your Yearly Home Maintenance Guide

Spring-April to June      Summer-July to August

*Clean gutters: Make sure they    *Scrape, prime & paint any

 are flowing properly.      areas that are in need.

*Inspect roof for damaged shingles.    *Wash exterior of house &

*Check flashing & reseal if needed.      garage.

*Renail any loose siding or trim    *Look for carpenter ant or  

 boards.    destructive insect activity.

*Check house & garage for any    *Check flat roofs & recoat or

 rotting wood & repair as needed.      seal as needed, flashing, too.

*Check porch flooring & repair.    *Check chimney mortar,      

*Replace any bad caulking around      repair as needed.

 windows, doors, etc.   *Patch cracks in driveways &

*Scrape loose window glazing & fix.      sidewalks.

*Clean windows & repair screens.    *Clean carpets & hardwood

*Oil garage door tracks.       floors.

*Trim trees, bushes & shrubs.    *Add copper sulfate to

*Clean flower beds out.       basement floor drains &

*Drain off sediment from water       downspouts to control tree

 heater tank.       roots in sewer.    

YourYearly Home Maintenance Guide


Fall-Sept to Oct.  Winter- Nov to March

*Check weather stripping on  *Shut off outdoor water spigot                       doors & windows.        to prevent them from freezing.

*Clear gutters of leaves & debris.  *Change furnace filter.

*Prune bushes, trees & shrubs.  *Check tile in bath & kitchen     

*Clean chimney if needed.                  areas.

*Check damper in fireplace.    *Think & make your plans for   

                 next summer’s projects.