If I told you that it has been 20 years since a real estate ad has aired during a coveted (and expensive) Super Bowl commercial slot, would you believe me?

It sounds improbable that national real estate giants would forgo the biggest advertising experience of the year for that long, and yet it's true. Even big national moguls like Zillow and Realtor.com have left Super Bowl advertising to the other industries. Thankfully, the real estate silence has now been broken! Thank to Century 21 Real Estate, once again real estate has come back into the spotlight.

Their 30-second ad ran during the third quarter of this Sunday’s Super Bowl. The commercial showcased Donald Trump, Apolo Ohno, an Olympic speed skating medalist, and NFL player Deion Sanders. Did you notice that there were also four mini-ads that aired throughout the event?

Why would a real estate agency advertise during the Super Bowl?  Historically, the Super Bowl kicks off the Spring home selling season, a time in which, traditionally, more homes are sold.  Although Century 21 didn't believe that their one commercial would actually increase home sales, they did catch our attention and put themselves as top of mind for others as well.  We commend them for pioneering the frontier of the real estate kick off season and getting both home buyers and sellers thinking about the possibilities!

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