What are fraudsters doing???

  1. Hacking into email accounts.

  2. Watching for transaction details.

  3. Using that info to pose as someone you know (realtor, title company, lender, seller, etc.

  4. Waiting for a moment of distraction or anticipation.

  5. Giving “new” instructions for depositing money.

  6. Disappearing along with the money!

What can you DO???


  1. Protect your email - Multi-factor authentication. Pick up the phone - If something seems strange, call a verified phone number.

  2. Slow down - Hackers count on deadlines, driving people to act quickly.

  3. Inspect every email - Subtle differences in email address. Last-minute changes that don’t seem legitimate. Improper grammar or common phrases being misused.

  4. Talk about wire fraud - Make sure everyone involved in your transaction is aware.